Celebrity Yachts Expensive List – Top 10 in 2023

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Celebrities are known for spending and investing in the most expensive, extravagant, and exotic material objects. An exceptionally luxurious item that many rich and famous people spend millions of dollars on is a yacht. These large luxury celebrity yachts can cost tens of millions of dollars, sometimes more! Due to the exorbitant prices of these celebrity yachts, it takes a very wealthy person to enjoy this grandeur.

On the other hand, few luxury vacations can compare to vacations on a private yacht. In reality, these yachts are just a luxurious way to escape the stress of everyday life…or connect with friends and family. Whatever the reason, these celebrities and celebrity yachts are some of the best in the business. Let’s take a look at their seafaring magic and how the rich and famous love to perform on their island of mobile machines.

1- Billy Joel – Vendetta

Billy Joel has been investing in boating for years because of all his hits. While he has his yacht, Vendetta is probably his best. This boat is based on a 1920s motor yacht and is perfect for short breaks and cruising on the open seas. Value: $1.3 million.

2- David Beckham – Seafair

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Soccer legend David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham have a beauty on a yacht. Seafair features a fitness center, staterooms for eight couples, and an art gallery. Value: $4 million.

3- Nicole Kidman – Hokulani

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Hokulani is a stunning 150ft yacht with a champagne-colored exterior, elegant sports interior, private cinema, and a unique sundeck. His name is derived from the Hawaiian translation of his owner’s name Nicole Kidman. The boat was originally docked at her Sydney property, but she decided to sell it after moving to the US with her husband Keith Urban. Value: $4.5 million.

4- Richard Branson – Necker Belle[object Object]

It was voted the best-refitted superyacht at the 2010 World Superyacht Awards. Richard Bronson reportedly spent $6 million on the ship, renovating it in just two years to achieve nautical glory. Value: $6.6 million.

5- Brad Pitt – Ghost II

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This supercharged yacht from Australia used as a resort for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, is 120 feet long and designed for private vacations. Additionally, Pete installed signal jamming technology to disable any device attempting to take pictures within the range of the boat. Value: $7 million.

6- Eric Clapton – Va Bene

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Not only does Eric Clapton own four of the world’s most expensive guitars, but he also owns a world-class superyacht called Va Bene. Built by Richard Hein in the 1990s, this yacht features twin Caterpillar engines, a top speed of 18 knots, cabin space for 25 passengers, and additional upgrades such as a master suite, jet ski, and kayaks. Value: $10 million.

7- Bono – Cyan

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Built by Codecasa, this impressive yacht features a jet ski, jacuzzi, and outdoor cinema. In addition to this, U2 frontman Bono has added his personal touches such as a state-of-the-art stereo system running throughout the boat, his favorite color for the exterior of the boat being blue, and a grand piano on the deck. Value: $11.5 million.

8- Mariah Carey – Capri

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Mariah Carey, known as Songbird Supreme, owns a 192-foot yacht called Capri. This sailing marvel features two onboard bars, a jacuzzi, a personal library, and a luxurious master suite. Carey paid extra for a full-time cook and a supercharged engine system. Value: $17.6 million.

9- Christiano Ronaldo – Aya London

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Aya London is football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s $18.3 million floating palace. The 155-foot superyacht features a restaurant, hot tub, gym, wet bar, six cabins, and a cinema. The yacht costs about $200,000 a week to operate, which is out of his budget considering Ronaldo is worth more than $450 million.

10- Sylvester Stallone

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Over the years, Sylvester Stallone and his family have taken several yacht vacations on various luxury yachts. This is the witch of the French Riviera. This stunning superyacht is 35 meters long and can accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 guest rooms including a master suite, 2 double cabins, and 2 double cabins. She can also bring up to 7 crew members on board.