20 Hairstyles That Instantly Make Women Look a Decade Younger


Experimenting with new haircuts and styles can be a blast at any age, but as we get older it becomes even more important to find a cut that flatters (even better if it knocks some years off). Finding a new style depends on a few factors: your facial structure, the texture of your hair, and the amount of time you’re willing to spend on it. But other than that, it’s all about trying new looks and finding one you love! Take a look at these ideas and give one of the youthful hairstyles a try.

A Short Wedge Is So Versatile

stacked bob



This is just a great, versatile, and easy-to-wear look. The version that the model is wearing in this photo is exceptionally wild and flirty, with crazy layers flying everywhere, as if she is cruising down the highway with her pals to spring break in her convertible Beemer.

You’ll be surprised at all the different looks you can pull off with this haircut! There are so many ways to style it.

Add Fullness With A Shag

This fuzzy, bobby affair is a great way to create fullness for those with thin hair. Its layers and length allow for added volume effects to be achieved with a round brush, a little product, and some heat. Throw some highlights in for added dimension.

layered with bangs

right hairstyles/Pinterest


Meg Ryan has rocked variations of this throughout much of her career. Fun fact: Ryan’s iconic style was a happy accident as she inadvertently singed off a significant chunk of her hair during rehearsals using an active curling iron for the movie French Kiss.

Can’t Go Wrong With A Classic

“The Bob” came into fashion for women in the 1920s with the advent of the “flapper” craze. Young, liberated women loved the controversial style as it represented their changing philosophy on personal expression and freedom of choice.




But bobs are not just for the kids! Bob can help accentuate your best facial features as well as save time spent messing with your hair when you first get up in the morning.

A Great Choice For Active Women

A well-done close-cropped hairstyle is great if you are super active and just want a “get up and go” option. And if you have the much-coveted curls, then it’s even better. There was a time when society may have deemed a shortcut on a woman as blasphemous or unladylike, but luckily those days are long gone.

short and curly



Everyone can benefit from the flattering effects that showing off your face and head shape can create.

Long Layers And Side-Swept Bangs

Actress Diane Keaton makes this look flawless (and so easy!). Fun and flirty, something classic-looking about shoulder-length hair with long lairs and some soft, side-swept bangs.


Anne Hill/Pinterest


It is the perfect look for those who aren’t ready to cut off their hair all the way, just making it short enough to manage while still being able to pull back and out of their face.

This Short Cut Gives The Effect Of An Up-Do Without The Work

This fun take on a pixie cut also includes some stacking in the back and teasing on top, giving the same elegant silhouette that one might achieve with an up-do with much longer hair (just think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s).

bob from multiple angles



This cute style is approachable and fun and seems to say, “Who’s up for an all-day brunch?” It looks especially nice with the side-swept bangs and pearl-white color.

Wonderful Wedge

This wedge is the perfect option if you are looking to maintain somebody up top as well as accentuate your cheekbones. This model’s naturally curly tresses create a beautiful frame for her face.

gray tousled



Elegant and easy are two words that come to mind when considering this style. It is also a great cut for those of us with hair that is beginning to thin out. Just wash it, tease it, and go!

Waves Of Gray

Naturally wavy hair is usually coveted by those of us with straight hair and mildly to majorly annoying to those of us who have it. The grass is always greener, right? One option if you don’t want to go “full-bob” is a medium-length style, cropped just around the shoulders.




Maintain the personality of your hair without all of the extra length hanging down your back. This model has an elegant look with side-swept bangs, showing off the beautiful gray shades that come naturally with age.

Add Some Body To The Sides

Make that wedge pop with some added body! Whether your curls are naturally occurring or you need a perm to achieve waves, this cut creates a nice, full shape that surrounds your face. You get the benefits of length mixed with relative shortness and many styling possibilities.




Pile what length you have up on top like this for an ultra-dramatic look or pull it to the side for some cute pigtails!

Medium-Length Bob To Elongate The Jawline

A medium-stacked inverted bob is yet another great way to expand on your natural jawline. Notice how the hair on the side is cut to pick up the line beginning at the model’s chin?

maxresdefault (25)



This line continues up into the stack that leads up to the back of the head, creating increased definition, which is something that we tend to lose as we age. Just about anyone could look good in this cut.

Sleek And Silver

This photo is a great example of the impact hair color can have on a cut. This adorable short style would look great on many women in a variety of age groups, but the elegant silver color makes it stand out from the crowd.

silver hair



One problem that silver-tressed people run into is yellowing. Use a special purple shampoo if you see any yellow tints coming out of your hair. First, get your hair wet, then apply the shampoo. Leave it in for the time recommended on the bottle (usually somewhere from 5 to 30 minutes), then rinse it out.

Keep It Lighthearted

Ever heard the expression, “Hair doesn’t make the woman but good hair helps”? It’s true! Having a haircut that you feel good about can be a game-changer, so it’s important to experiment until you find a look that you’re happy with.

wavy bob style on Suzanne Blech

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


Many women find that a variation of a bob suits them throughout their lives. This wavy, casual style seen on actress and film executive Suzanne Blech would be flattering on a lot of different facial shapes.


This short layered hairstyle looks great with some highlights and lowlights for added texture and dimension. The choppy layers allow the wearer to attain a fun, vivacious look that’s easy to style and go.

thick layered bob

right hairstyles/Pinterest


It’s playful convenient and appropriate whether you are spending a day out on the lake or a night out painting the town red. Rue McClanahan of Golden Girls fame was an early adopter of this sexy yet mature look.

Box Braids At Any Age

This braided look is a great way to achieve a youthful and relatively easy-to-maintain style. Box braids can be arranged in thousands of ways including this take on a shag look. You can get lots of volume and tons of texture, all while protecting your hair from the daily wear and tear resulting from combing and styling.

short braids



Braids can be natural or synthetic, so they are a convenient option if you have thinning hair or if your hair is shorter and you can’t wait to add some length.

The Most Important Thing: Have Fun With Your Style!

If you’re looking for a pretty, easy, and incredibly versatile new cut, then show this one to your stylist. Another quick and easy-to-maintain look, it allows the wearer to have fun with their coif.

hdz (2)



Tease it up and go wild or slick it back — whatever suits your mood. Think Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in season one of House of Cards. Her hair was appropriate and gorgeous no matter what the occasion.

Shoulder Length With A Fun Part

Shoulder-length hair looks sleek and stylish if well-maintained with regular trims to keep the ends healthy. Add edge and fun to this hairstyle by changing up the part!

Sarah Jessica Parker split image

Getty Images


Rather than a straight line, take pieces of hair over to the other side to create a fun look that also adds volume to the top of the head. This is a great tip for ladies with thinning hair.

Stylish And Sophisticated

Have you been rocking a bob for a while but now you want to add a new dimension to your look? Tell your hairdresser you want it short, layered, and stacked. This super stylish and convenient style will turn heads at any age and helps to elongate the lines from your shoulders up to the back of your head.


Glenn and/Pinterest


Keeping some length in the front is great if you have a high forehead.