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Bryan Brown – Age 74

Australian icon Bryan Brown boasts a career exceeding four decades, gracing over 80 films and TV shows. His powerful performance in the 80s miniseries “The Thorn Birds” garnered him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

Even at 76, Brown remains active, captivating audiences in recent projects like “Palm Beach” and “The Moth Effect.” He’s a true Aussie treasure!

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Michael York – Age 80

From captivating audiences in “Cabaret” and “Romeo and Juliet” to swashbuckling as D’Artagnan in “The Three Musketeers,” Michael York’s career boasts over 160 credits. Even at 80, this acting legend refuses to slow down. In 2013, he graced the stage at London’s Old Vic, and his iconic voice continues to bring characters to life on “The Simpsons.”

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Michael York remains a beloved figure with a career spanning over five decades. His performances resonate with fans of classic films and new audiences alike. Whether it’s his dramatic turns in Shakespeare or his playful voice work, York’s versatility keeps him in demand.

Tim Matheson – Age 73

Meet Tim Matheson, the timeless star who lit up screens since the swinging ’60s, blasting into fame as the fearless hero of ‘Jonny Quest.’ Born into a world rocked by tumultuous wars, he even did his stint with the U.S. Marines!

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Imagine this: a fresh-faced Tim stepping into the limelight at just thirteen, kicking off his acting journey with ‘Window on Main Street.’ Fast forward to the 2000s, and he’s stealing scenes in ‘The West Wing,’ snagging not one, but two Primetime Emmy nominations. The man’s not done yet – he’s still bringing his A-game, dazzling audiences as a key player in ‘Virgin River,’ and get this, he’s even donning the director’s hat for a couple of episodes!

Tippi Hedren – Age 91

In the swinging ’60s, Tippi Hedren dazzled audiences with her unforgettable roles in cinematic classics like ‘Marnie’ and ‘The Birds.’ But before she graced the silver screen, she was a sought-after model, grinning from the covers of magazines like Glamour and Life. It was the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock who spotted her star potential and encouraged her to take up acting.

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As the ’60s waned, Tippi shifted her focus to a different kind of spotlight: animal rescue and advocacy. Establishing her own nonprofit, the Roar Foundation, she roared into action, dedicating herself to the well-being of our furry friends. Now, at the ripe age of 91, she’s still going strong, with her last cinematic hurrah in ‘The Ghost and the Whale’ back in 2017. Tippi Hedren: an ageless icon of talent and compassion.

Al Pacino – Age 81

At 81, Al Pacino remains a legendary figure in the entertainment realm, dazzling audiences for over five decades with his unparalleled acting prowess. Renowned for his Triple Crown of Acting achievements, he’s immortalized in cinematic history through unforgettable roles in classics like ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Scent of a Woman,’ and ‘Serpico.’

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Venturing beyond the spotlight in the mid-’90s, Pacino delved into filmmaking, unveiling his directorial debut with the captivating ‘Looking for Richard’ documentary. Despite the passage of time, his creative flame burns brightly, exemplified by his recent appearance in the 2021 thriller ‘American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally.’

Cheryl Ladd – Age 70

Imagine Cheryl Ladd as a young adventurer, gallivanting across the American Midwest right after high school. Fast forward to 1970, she sets her compass to Los Angeles, initially aiming for a singing career. But guess what? Hollywood had different plans for her, and acting became her shining stage!

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The real sparkle started in 1977 when she strutted onto the scene as one of the boss ladies in ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ stepping into Farrah Fawcett’s shoes with style. From there, it was lights, camera, action! You might recognize her from big-screen gems like ‘Permanent Midnight’ and ‘Purple Hearts.’ And hey, she even sprinkled some holiday magic in ‘Christmas Unwrapped’ back in 2020!

Loni Anderson – Age 76

Hailing from the land of 10,000 lakes, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Loni Anderson burst onto the silver screen in 1966’s ‘Nevada Smith.’ She slogged through a slew of so-so roles for nearly a decade until she hit the jackpot with her iconic stint on ‘WKRP in Cincinnati.’ This breakthrough performance catapulted her into the limelight, snagging her nominations at the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

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Let’s talk about resilience! Despite reaching the pinnacle of her career with ‘WKRP,’ Anderson’s journey didn’t stop there. She danced through three divorces before finding her rock, Bob Flick. Since saying “I do” in 2008, they’ve been as inseparable as peanut butter and jelly. And let’s not forget her sass-tastic role in ‘My Sister Is So Gay’ from 2016 to 2018, proving that age is just a number when it comes to slaying the screen.

Paul Hogan – Age 81

With just one iconic franchise under his belt, Paul Hogan became a Hollywood legend thanks to his unforgettable portrayal in the ‘Crocodile Dundee series. Winning a Golden Globe for his role in the 1986 classic, he carved his name in Tinseltown history with his charm and wit.

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Even at 81, Hogan remains as lively as ever, with no major health setbacks slowing him down. Far from hanging up his acting hat, he recently graced the silver screen again in ‘The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee,’ a hilarious take on his larger-than-life persona. Hollywood’s not done with this Aussie legend just yet!

Betty White – Age 99

Meet Betty White, the ultimate TV trailblazer! With a career spanning over 90 years, she’s the guru of the small screen, ready to drop wisdom bombs for aspiring actors. Back in the ’50s, she rocked the industry, smashing stereotypes as the first woman to headline a sitcom while also pulling strings behind the scenes.

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Her star power even earned her the title of Mayor of Hollywood! From iconic roles in ‘The Golden Girls’ to stealing the show in ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show,’ Betty’s done it all. Though she took a breather after her gig on ‘Forky Asks a Question’ in 2019, she’s still kicking it at 99, proving age is just a number!

Ali MacGraw – Age 82

Ali MacGraw’s journey through various creative roles, from photographic assistant to interior decorator, was just a warm-up act. But when she discovered the thrill of acting, she set the stage ablaze! It all began in the swinging ’60s, when her talent shone bright in ‘Goodbye, Columbus,’ earning her the coveted Most Promising Newcomer title at the Golden Globe Awards.

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But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for the blockbuster that cemented her status as a Hollywood legend – ‘Love Story.’ Now, fast forward to today, and Ali, at the sprightly age of 82, is still radiating energy. How? It’s all thanks to her love affair with Hatha Yoga, keeping her in tip-top shape. And hey, did we mention her captivating narration in ‘Valles Caldera: The Science’? Ali MacGraw – a timeless icon, still stealing the show at 82!

Barbara Eden – Age 90

In her heyday, Barbara Eden didn’t just hit high notes with her singing; she practically serenaded the stars! Back in her teens, she was belting tunes in nightclubs like a pro. Then, she decided to sprinkle some theater magic into her life at the City College of San Francisco for a spell. Fast forward to the mid-’50s, and bam! She’s on the silver screen, dazzling audiences everywhere as the iconic genie in ‘I Dream of Jeannie.’

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With a magical run of five years on the show, she snagged not one, but two Golden Globe nods. Now, at the ripe age of 90, she’s probably kicking back, living her best life at home. Her last curtain call? A cameo in the 2019 flick, ‘My Adventures with Santa.’ And just like that, the legend of Barbara Eden continues to sparkle!

Max Baer Jr. – Age 83

Remember the uproarious antics of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’? Well, Max Baer Jr. was the life of that hilarious party! Born in sunny Oakland, California, he inherited his father’s fighting spirit—though he traded boxing gloves for a spot in the limelight. From college athlete to TV star, Baer Jr. proved destiny had a knack for plot twists.

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In the wild ’80s, Baer Jr. took a gamble on the gambling scene, but his hotel and casino dream didn’t hit the jackpot. Fast forward to 2021, and he’s the last man standing from the show’s stellar cast. Here’s to Max Baer Jr.—forever young at heart!

Patrick Wayne – Age 82

With acting prowess seemingly woven into his very genes, Patrick Wayne inherited the spotlight from none other than his Hollywood titan father, John Wayne. At a mere eleven years old, he took his first steps onto the silver screen, often sharing it with his illustrious father in classics like ‘The Quiet Man’ and ‘Rio Grande.’

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But it wasn’t until the late ’70s that Wayne’s star truly ascended, dazzling audiences in adventurous epics such as ‘Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘The People That Time Forgot.’ Transitioning seamlessly into hosting, he charmed viewers on shows like ‘The Monte Carlo Show’ and ‘Tic-Tac-Dough.’ His final curtain call in cinema came with the gripping thriller ‘Deep Cover’ in 1997.

Bob Barker – Age 97

If you’re a fan of game shows, Bob Barker is a household name, thanks to his iconic stint on ‘The Price Is Right.’ Before dazzling audiences with his charismatic hosting, Barker bravely served in the United States Navy during World War II. But it was his move to sunny California in the ’50s that set the stage for his broadcasting legacy.

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Kicking off his illustrious career with the radio hit ‘The Bob Barker Show,’ he later segued into the world of game shows with ‘Truth or Consequences.’ Though he’s hung up his hosting hat since his retirement announcement in 2007, Barker’s legacy shines on. Over the years, he’s racked up an impressive nineteen Emmy Awards, proving that age is just a number when it comes to leaving a lasting mark on television history.

Clu Gulager – Age 92

Clu Gulager experienced stardom in his show business career when he starred in series like ‘The Tall Man’ and ‘The Virginian’ during the ’60s. By the mid-’80s, people praised him for his superb performance in horror movies like ‘The Return of the Living Dead’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.’

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Some of the other notable big-screen roles he had were in ‘The Killers,’ ‘Winning,’ and ‘The Last Picture Show.’ He even worked behind the camera as a director, receiving recognition for his work on the short film called ‘A Day with the Boys.’ In 2019, he appeared in ‘Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood.’

Thelma Barlow – Age 92

Thelma Barlow was raised by her mother growing up, for her father passed away when she was still a baby. She developed her acting talent when she became part of the Joan Littlewood Theatre Group. It was a turning point in her life since she previously spent eight years working as a secretary.

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Barlow began landing acting roles in the late ’60s, but her breakthrough was her role as Mavis Riley on ‘Coronation Street.’ She appeared in the series from 1971 until 1997. Her last acting performance was in the 2016 film ‘Florence Foster Jenkins,’ but she appeared in ‘Coronation Street Icons in 2021.

David Birney – Age 82

David Birney has always been an intelligent man. He was part of the National Honor Society, and then he later studied at Dartmouth and UCLA. He could have pursued many respectable jobs, but it looks like he felt the happiest when he acted.

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He’s well-known for his roles in ‘Bridget Loves Bernie,’ ‘St. Elsewhere,’ and ‘Hawaii Five-O.’ Birney also did stage roles and wrote audiobooks. You won’t see him on TV or in films anymore since he quit acting in the late 2000s. His final performance was on an episode of ‘Without a Trace’ in 2007.

Michael Learned – Age 82

Michael Learned was a prominent actress who frequently graced people’s TV screens because of her role in ‘The Waltons.’ She played Olivia Walton, and her performance made her a three-time winner of the Outstanding Lead Actress award at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

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She won the same award for the fourth time, but it was for a series titled ‘Nurse.’ Learned didn’t experience the same triumphs in her love life because she had three divorces before meeting her fourth and current husband, John Doherty. She appeared in a short film in 2018 called ‘Second Acts.’

Jamie Farr – Age 87

Winning a local acting contest at eleven years old made Jamie Farr realize that he could achieve great heights in such a field of work. A talent scout from MGM discovered him at Pasadena Playhouse, and he ultimately made his professional acting debut in 1955’s ‘Blackboard Jungle.’

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His most significant breakthrough was his role in ‘M*A*S*H,’ which lasted from 1972 until 1983. Farr slowed down in his career as he got older, but he still raked in paychecks from time to time. From 2018 until 2019, he appeared on several episodes of ‘The Cool Kids.’

Leonard Whiting – Age 71

People from Leonard Whiting’s local Church saw he was talented, so they encouraged him to develop his skills. He already impressed people with his singing skills, but a theatre agent later scouted him when he was twelve.

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One thing led to another, and he eventually became an established actor. His best performance was his award-winning role in 1968’s ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Whiting stopped appearing in films in the late ’70s, but he decided to appear in the 2015 film titled ‘Social Suicide.’ He’s married to Lynn Presser, and they own a property in Steele’s Village, London.

Barbara Walters – Age 91

During the early ’60s, Barbara Walters was making money as a segment producer and writer for ‘The Today Show.’ She somehow became a hit with the viewers, so they gave her more airtime and promoted her to co-host in 1974. It was the first time a woman got accepted for such a job.

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She made history again two years later by becoming the first evening news program co-anchor that’s a woman. Walters’ most prominent hosting gigs were for ‘Today,’ ’20/20,’ and ‘The View.’ She hosted for the last time in 2015 and has stayed away from the public’s eye since 2016.

Barry Manilow – Age 78

Barry Manilow has been making a name for himself in the music scene for at least five decades. You might know his hits like ‘Can’t Smile Without You’ and ‘Could It Be Magic .’ He had 51 singles in his career that made it into the Adult Contemporary Chart’s Top 40.

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The critics weren’t always on his side, but he earned the praise of icons like Frank Sinatra. Manilow also made money from producing for other notable artists like Dionne Warwick and Bette Midler. He released an album in 2020 titled ‘Night Songs II.’

Bob Eubanks – Age 83

Another well-recognized game show host who makes it on this list is Bob Eubanks. Most people would remember his time hosting ‘Card Sharks’ and ‘The Newlywed Game.’ During the ’60s, he wasn’t doing game shows yet, and his career as a radio DJ kept him busy.

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He was also a manager and music promoter who got The Beatles to perform in Los Angeles in 1964 and 1965. Eubanks isn’t like other hosts who did some retirement planning too early because he still occasionally works in his 80s. In 021, he appeared as himself in ‘Daily Blast Live.’

Victoria Principal – Age 72

Victoria Principal is best known for her performance as ‘Pamela Barnes Ewing’ on the long-running soap opera “Dallas.” After devoting nine years of her life to that show, she went on to open her own production company, “Victoria Principal Productions.”

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But acting is not all the Principal is known for. In the mid-80s, she acquired an interest in natural beauty therapies, leading her to create her brand of skincare products under the “Principal Secret” line. And her youthful glow reflects their efficacy. She’s also the best-selling author of beauty and health-themed books like “The Beauty Principal” and “Living Principal.”

Ralph Carter – Age 60

It’s one of the most unexpected comebacks in recent show-biz history. The long-absent Ralph Carter is featured in the 2022 movie “Chaaw” as ‘Pastor Evans,’ decades after making his then-final acting appearance in a 1987 TV short titled “Donny’s House.” It’s uncertain why Carter has only collected an underwhelming three acting credits throughout his career, especially if you consider he was once the child actor behind the iconic character of ‘Michael Evans.’

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In the role of ‘Michael Evans,’ a young Carter appeared in over 130 episodes of the iconic sitcom “Good Times,” forever earning a place in American pop culture.

Willie Mays – Age 90

Willie Mays was once a name to beat in the world of Major League Baseball. After high school, he joined the New York/San Francisco Giants and became the Rookie of the Year during his debut season. He served in the United States Army during the Korean War, but he returned to baseball afterward.

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He stayed with the Giants until 1972, but he ended his career with a one-season run with the New York Mets. After retiring, Mays remained involved with the team because he became their hitting instructor, general manager, and president’s special assistant. Former US President Barack Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

Robert Fuller – Age 88

Robert Fuller mostly appeared on Western shows during the start of his acting career. You might’ve also loved seeing him in movies like ‘Return of the Seven,’ ‘The Brain from Planet Arous,’ and ‘Incident at Phantom Hill.’ He was a memorable guy because of his deep and raspy voice.

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He made lots of friends in the acting scene: Julie London, Clu Gulager, and James Drury. When Fuller began doing less acting work, he became a hardworking horse rancher. In 2013, he was awarded the inaugural Spirit of the Cowboy Lonestar Legacy Award.

George Hamilton – Age 82

George Hamilton’s rise to stardom began in the ’60s. He undoubtedly caught people’s hearts when he gave entertaining performances in ‘Crime and Punishment U.S.A.,’ ‘Home from the Hill,’ and ‘Love at First Bite.’ He was always easy on the eyes because of his superb fashion sense and distinct tan.

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Hamilton was only married once in his life, and it was to Alana Stewart. Sadly, they got divorced after three years of marriage in the ’70s. He’s already 82 years old today, and he still chooses to be an active actor. He appeared in the series called ‘American Housewife’ from 2017 until 2019.

Kim Novak – Age 89

We bet you’ve never come across another Hollywood icon like Kim Novak, who was not only an iconic actress but also a painter with a 2021 published book containing some of her art. Although she withdrew from acting in the ’60s after just about a decade of her career, the little time she spent on our screens saw her become a top-rated box office star.

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She’s famous for her appearance in the captivating 1958 thriller “Vertigo,” a movie that many consider among the greatest films ever made. In her relatively short career, she earned two Golden Globes and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Angela Lansbury – Age 96

Angela Lansbury has a plethora of acting credits, having enjoyed a career spanning more than eight decades. She is among Hollywood’s Golden Age stars who are still alive today, and her most iconic role to date was that of the fictional writer Jessica Fletcher in the 12 seasons of the detective drama series “Murder, She Wrote.”

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Lansbury’s career pretty much shaped the Hollywood of today. She has explored various aspects of the industry, including voice acting, and has up to six Golden Globes to show for her exceptional works. It’s no wonder that she was among those featured in the 2021 documentary “Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age.”

Ursula Andress – Age 86

Ursula Andress is famous for her role as a Bond girl in the first James Bond film in 1962. After gaining popularity through that role, she went on to feature in various other films and is an iconic veteran in the industry today.

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She may never have imagined herself as a Hollywood star when she worked as a nanny in Rome, but she now boasts a five-decade career that ended in 2005. Although she now enjoys retirement in her Rome apartment or Switzerland house, she was still seen in some recent archive footage in the 2022 documentary “Deneuve, la Reine Catherine.”

Jerry Lee Lewis – Age 86

The 20th-century legendary pianist Jerry Lee Lewis was among the originators of rock n’ roll and earned the nickname The Killer. His live performances were so great that people still fell in love with his music even after the scandal of his marriage to his 13-year-old cousin.

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Boasting a career that has spanned over seven decades, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has stayed relevant and released a new album in 2021 called “Breathless.” Although he may not be able to move like before—climbing on top of the piano, playing with his feet and elbows—we can still expect him to deliver a worthwhile experience in his live performances today.

Dean Stockwell – Age 85

Dean Stockwell was only a young boy when he started building his savings account thanks to his career as a child actor. He was well-known for starring in ‘The Green Years’ and ‘Anchors Aweigh,’ but he gained more recognition as an adult for his performances in ‘Long Day’s Journey into Night’ and ‘Married to the Mob.’

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He also appeared on TV at one point, and his most notable roles were in ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Quantum Leap.’ Stockwell’s final acting performance was in the 2015 film ‘Entertainment,’ and he has since decided to retire and spend more time at home.

Linda Evans – Age 79

Linda Evans is an actress who rose to fame in the ’60s and is best known for her television roles. She starred in the series “The Big Valley” and later starred in projects like “Dynasty,” “Bachelor Father,” and “Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues” to name a few.

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Evans is now in her golden years, but that hasn’t stopped her from working at all. She is still a part of the entrainment world, and in 2021, she was seen in the film “Swan Song” which is a movie about a retired hairdresser.

Joan Collins – Age 88

Joan Collins debuted in the ’50s and has since become a legend in the world of entertainment. She has won many awards, and that includes a Golden Globe and a People’s Choice Award, to name a few. Since her youth, she’s been very in demand as an actress and has starred in many notable projects over the years including, “Dynasty,” “These Old Broads,” and “American Horror Story.”

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She is still alive and well today and was seen in the documentary film “Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story.” She also had a leading role in the 2017 comedy “The Time of Their Lives.”

Charlene Tilton – Age 63

A San Diego, California native, the American actress Charlene Tilton rose to fame for portraying the character of ‘Lucy Ewing’ in the long-running TV series “Dallas.” The role kept her busy between 1978 and 1990, but Tilton didn’t find it hard to join other acting projects after the end of “Dallas.”

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With 68 acting credits (and counting), she continues to work actively in both small and big screen productions. In recent years, she’s worked in a lot of Christmas movies, including “Second Chance Christmas,” “A Welcome Home Christmas,” and “A Unicorn for Christmas.” She also appeared in the 2012 rehash of “Dallas,” produced by TNT.

Linda Gray – Age 81

You can’t make a “Dallas” movie or TV series without the American actress Linda Gray. Best known for portraying the character of ‘Sue Ellen Ewing’ in the original, long-running series, she also appeared in the movies “Dallas: J.R. Returns” and ” Dallas: The War of the Ewings,” as well as the 2012 TNT series “Dallas.” Impressively, though, there’s even more to her hugely successful career.

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Still going strong, Gray was recently featured in the TV series “Tara Tremendous.” In the movies, she’s perhaps best known for her work in the 1998 thriller “Star of Jaipur” and the John Landis comedy movie “Oscar.”