20 Everyday Hacks That Save Time And Money

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People on the Internet come up with a lot of really bad ideas. No, we are not going to tape the ends of a fork to create a makeshift spoon. But while most of the so-called life hacks are unpredictable, the successes will make you feel like you’ve been living your entire life inconveniently for years. These Reddit users came up with advice that seems a bit absurd. However, take a closer look and you will see his true genius!

1. Onion Goggles

Oh, don’t cry! Sometimes we can’t help but shed a tear or two when cutting onions, and this mom has a perfect solution to that problem: swim goggles! Genius.

2. Moss Garden

Let’s face it, dogs are the cutest little lout. So if your dogs can’t get the water in their mouths when they drink from a dog bowl, build a moss garden around the bowl! The disorder of your dogs will generate a new life.

3. Stashing Parts

Have you ever built Ikea furniture? It’s a hassle and a half. And considering that each piece comes with a trillion small pieces, you are likely to lose some of them. Well, keep them safe by gluing them to a piece of Styrofoam from the box!

4. Makeshift Ruler

Calling all sailors! If you’re sewing a hem of a specific length, instead of holding a clunky ruler, turn your thumb into a custom measuring tool.

5. Mask Comfort

Wearing a protective mask for prolonged periods can irritate and penetrate the back of your ears, especially if you are a medical professional. Well, sewing a button on each side of a headband can fix that problem. Let your ears breathe.

6. Super Ziploc

If you need to store something long and oversized (no questions asked) in a bag, connect two Ziploc bags by flipping one of them upside down and zipping it in the middle. Problem solved.

7. Freezer Magic

We’ve always been told to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but that gets a little difficult when ugly packaging labels are stuck on every plastic container. To easily remove these labels in one piece, simply put the containers in the freezer for a few hours before attempting to peel them.

8. Wheelbarrow Seat

hough forklifts are typically used to transport heavy materials from point A to point B, they are comfortable seats when supported by their handles. It is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy a beer.

9. Book Opener

Calling all bookworms! If you are an avid reader then you know the pain of holding an open book with your thumb – so much cramping! Well, some Reddit users created this great tool … which you can also buy online if you don’t have carpentry at home.

10. Pringles Tupperware

Repurpose your empty Pringles can by filling it with other crunchy snacks! It’s perfect on the go, and when you’re done with the tube, you can just throw it away. This way you won’t be stuck holding a Tupperware container while you’re out and about!

11. Faux Natural Light

Even with a fancy pool table and bar, basements can sometimes seem a bit boring. Well, this Reddit user transformed a basement into a wonderland with natural light by glazing the glass of some cheap windows and placing LED lights behind them. A DIY queen!

12. Telephone Rice

So you dropped your cell phone in the bathroom; We have all been there. The faster you place your precious electronic body into a bowl of uncooked rice the better, as the rice will magically absorb the water. Well, this grandma keeps a unique bowl aside for scenarios like these!

13. Puppy Pocket

Although many establishments allow dogs, almost all require dogs to be on a leash. If your dog is small, this “puppy pocket” may be the alternative. Leave your dog in your hood and give it up!

14. Makeshift Cooking Glove

Okay, it looks stupid, but no one wants to be the target of splashing cooking oil! We’ve all gotten burned at least once while cooking juicy bacon strips. Turns out, reaching into a sliced ​​two-liter soda bottle solves that problem.

15. Makeshift Cable Organizer

It is a mystery how cables and wires get so easily tangled. Fortunately, some strategically placed cable ties can help prevent this tragedy. That’s an A-plus organization.

16. Grate Every Last Bit

Let’s face it, no one wants chunks of bloody skin mixed with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Instead of nervously pinching the butt of the cheese, just stick a fork in and grate!

17. Untie the Knot

Knotted laces are a neck pain to undo. But do not worry! Just as hairpins are useful for opening a door (at least in the movies), they are also useful for loosening knots!

18. Potato bulb

To avoid injury when removing a broken light bulb from its socket, cut a potato in half and “screw” it into the fragments; just turn and remove it! (Just remember to unscrew the fuse first.)

19. Mesh Barrier

Fruit flies and drain flies and sewer roaches, oh my! If you want to prevent creepy critters from climbing up the drain pipes and into the bathroom, wrap some pantyhose around the drain cover!

20. Hardware-Coded

Handymen and handymen know how frustrating it is to try to remember where they stored each nut and bolt. A Reddit user’s grandpa labels his hardware drawers with real hardware! Why color code when you can code with hardware?