Best Ideas For Alternative Careers After The Age Of 50


Whether you’re yearning for a new challenge, facing the prospect of a layoff, or just looking for a more rewarding job, here are some ideas for a new career in your 50s. Whatever your experience or qualifications, there are a variety of exciting opportunities for you.

1. Teacher

Make fantastic use of your knowledge of a particular industry by teaching. There is a growing number of people in their 50s and 60s who are retraining as Teachers. You could be a regular teacher, a substitute teacher, offer to tutor, or even teach at colleges for adult education. It is a rewarding job where you can use your experience and knowledge to inspire and educate others. There are vacancies throughout the educational field in all kinds of subjects.

Most people retrain to be masters in different ways. Some prefer to complete a degree to obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), while others prefer to take a more professional or school-led route. For example, Now Teach offers specialized training programs for people who want to be retrained as teachers later in life (and do not necessarily have certification). This program is designed to respect and understand the leap of faith people take when thinking about starting a degree study later in life and will help them achieve QTS.

If you do not wish to have to formally retrain to achieve QTS, you may want to consider becoming a teaching assistant. Nothing restores a sense of youth more than working with children, especially in that golden age of elementary school.

2. Driving Instructor

If you are calm, confident behind the wheel, and want to help others gift the driving talent, why not retrain as a driving instructor? You could help people of all ages develop car skills and confidence. Some may have never sat in the driver’s seat before, while others may have passed the test but will want to brush up on their skills. Each student will be on their unique journey and you will be the one helping them get there safely!

If you are interested and want to work in this advantageous role, our Career Change Guide is worth a visit for detailed information on how to get started.

3. Learn a Trade

Skilled traders are always in high demand and the government supports apprenticeship and training programs for older generations. Among the many options are carpenters, electricians, bricklayers, decorator painters, plumbers, and roofers.

4. Retail

If your relationship is good with people and you want to keep busy, consider a job in retail. Stores and supermarkets are always looking to fill cashier and customer service positions. It can be a great way to stay socially connected in your community and stay physically active. If you don’t want to work in the shop, there are numerous management and administration positions.

5. Pet Sitter

Turn your interest and love for animals into a rewarding job as a part-time or full-time sitter. You will be your boss and as long as you have a lot of energy, are enthusiastic, and love pets, you will be good to go. Pet sitter responsibilities include feeding, walking dogs, and bringing animals to and from veterinarians.

6. Virtual Assistant

Say goodbye to the constant routine of a 9 to 5 job and the hellish rush hour commute by becoming a virtual assistant. This is an opportunity to earn a good income without leaving home. A virtual assistant or VA is someone who provides administrative support to companies, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs help with routine tasks. You can work from the comfort of your sofa or kitchen table or from anywhere as long as you have a computer and a good internet connection.

If you want to start networking and meeting clients, the best way to start is by joining freelance websites like People Per Hour where you can list yourself as a Virtual Assistant and start applying for jobs. Some people will need help with one-off tasks, while others may need help with ongoing projects or may offer more regular work.

7. Life Coach/Mentor

One of the best options when changing careers is becoming a life coach or mentor. He has a very deep life and work experience to draw from and which can be passed on to others. While you don’t need any formal qualifications to be a Life Coach or Mentor, it’s a good idea to study for industry-specific qualifications in your chosen field. It will give the impression of being more credible to your customers and help build their confidence when you start. Types of mentoring jobs include a life coach, business coach, and youth/student mentor.

8. Carer

This is a job where you can make a difference in someone’s life. As a resident or visiting caregiver, you will help people have a better, happier, and more enriched quality of life. Examples of careers in social work are personal caregivers, nursing home administrators, occupational therapists, and grief support coordinators.

9. Salesperson

If you are a smart, dynamic person, skilled at persuasion, can deliver good presentations, and be challenging, then a new career in sales may be for you. Available job options range from a telesales assistant to an account executive to a sales manager.

10. Volunteering

Volunteering is a gift that keeps on giving, providing people with a greater sense of purpose and new skills while helping worthy causes and people in need. Many organizations and projects need volunteers all the time, from local charity shops to international aid organizations. Volunteering can also help you transition to a new job by providing you with new skills and experiences that enrich your CV.

11. Jobs in Government

You may not be considering running for public office, but you can channel your interest into the public sector by seeking government jobs. Local government organizations and public administration welcome applications from mature people. Careers span a wide range of job functions, including planning officers, building control officers, administrative duties, and environmental health officers. The sense of perspective that experience brings with experience can be particularly helpful in social and civic roles.

12. Childcare

Maybe you are interested in becoming a babysitter or babysitter?

If you love being around children and you like the idea of working flexible hours, then a role in babysitting might be just what you are looking for. Typically, you will care for and support children in a variety of different areas, from helping with homework to cooking dinner, while their parents or caregivers are away or at work.

As a babysitter, you will normally take care of children in your own home; parents will drop off and pick up children at agreed times. You may not need any qualifications or academic training to get started, but you will need a clean Ofsted DBS certificate and a full driver’s license. The best way to generate clients is to visit websites like; Here you can advertise as a babysitter or babysitter so local families can get in touch if they need your services.

Nannies tend to work in children’s homes and the hiring family may offer them the option of living in or out (sometimes depending on whether the role is full or part-time). For those living in and around London, the Koru Kids babysitting agency hires babysitters of all ages, offers them training (including first aid), and places them with a suitable family.